Nucor Steel Plate Mill

Location: Brandenburg, KY

Type: Heavy Industrial

Yards of concrete: 1,722

Pounds of rebar: 239,838

Anchor bolts: 428

Completion: June 2023


The construction of Nucor Corporation’s new state-of-the-art steel plate mill project is a testament to Superior Construction Services' expertise in heavy industrial construction. Edw. C. Levy Co. contracted to work in Brandenburg, KY, for over six months in the slag plant where byproduct waste material is processed for concrete mixture. The scope of work included various critical aspects, including structural foundations, cast-in-place and precast elevated slabs, and a substantial 400" foundation for a Gantry crane. Construction for the crane foundation required significant planning and coordination due to the embedded rail that serves as the crane’s track. The scope also included three concrete bunkers encompassing an impressive 60,000 pounds of protective rail, contributing to the structure’s long-term durability as it encounters byproduct material and heavy machinery. Of note is the exceptional work on the steel mill's concrete bunker, which features two containment walls measuring 87'-9" by 42'-3". Superior Construction Services procured and installed all rebar, embedded all plates and angles, and cast-in-place anchor bolts as part of our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. The Nucor Steel Mill project presented unique challenges for our teams. However, our three construction crews showcased their adaptability and determination by successfully executing work in areas outside their prior experience. This opportunity pushed our boundaries, continuously learning and growing as we tackled unfamiliar tasks.

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