Instalación de carga y procesamiento de arena fracturada de la cuenca Pérmica

Location: Kermit, TX

Type: Heavy Industrial

Yards of concrete: 24,012

Pounds of rebar: 3,011,763

Anchor bolts: 3,748

Completion: 2020


The construction of this sand plant maintained a consistent pace, facilitated by around-the-clock efforts involving multiple crews dedicated to meeting project deadlines. Our comprehensive scope of work included foundational elements for a sand plant, featuring structural foundations for extensive conveyor lines, 16 loadout silos, dryers, and various ancillary equipment. We constructed two substantial tunnels, each spanning 700', alongside two Decant building foundations measuring 625' x 200'. Work extended to the cast-in-place construction of a wet sand plant, housing essential components such as multiple thickener and freshwater tanks, wash screens, and plate presses.

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