Frac Sand Processing Plant, Colorado

Location: Keenesburg, CO

Type: Aggregate

Yards of concrete: 9,088

Pounds of rebar: 708,664

Anchor bolts: 2,317

Completion: Current


The construction of Colorado Sands’ new plant reflects what Superior Construction Services does best: concrete construction in the surface mining industry. Construction was ground-up and consisted of three phases, spanning 18 months.

The scope of work included an array of essential elements for a surface mining facility, including structural foundations for approximately 3,500’ of conveyor lines, feed hoppers, a 432’ X 200’ storage building foundation, a four-bay truck loadout area, a chemical building, electrical houses, and other miscellaneous equipment. The scope also included cast-in-place work for a wet sand plant that housed thickener and freshwater tanks, wash screens, attrition mills, and dryers.

More Projects

South Central Texas Crushed Stone Processing and Rail Load Out Facility

Location: South Central Texas

Type: Aggregate

Pounds of rebar: 1,983,108 lbs.

Anchor bolts: 3,304

Completion: 2020

North Texas Crushed Stone Production Facility

Location: North Texas

Type: Aggregate

Yards of concrete: 16,986

Pounds of rebar: 3,645,098

Anchor bolts: 2,982

Completion: 2020