South Carolina Sand & Gravel Production Facility

Location: Buckhorn, SC

Type: Aggregate

Yards of concrete: 1,210

Pounds of rebar: 231,355

Anchor bolts: 488

Completion: 2023


Superior Construction Services undertook a project to expand the production capacity at an aggregate quarry by building a second structure to bolster the facility's operational efficiency.

The comprehensive scope of work included the construction of robust concrete foundations to support essential surface mining equipment. A foundation was constructed for a primary crusher, which feeds a conveyor extending approximately 540 feet through dense foliage.

Our team also constructed bunker walls and foundations for infrastructure components, including stationary and radial stackers, conveyors, electrical houses, and screen towers.

During the project, our skilled professionals ensured that the foundations were strong enough to support the heavy machinery involved in the quarry operations. By applying their expertise and precision, they ensured that the foundations were durable and capable of withstanding the demands of industrial use.

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